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  • Business friendly timesheet registration app.
    It allows to track employee’s hours in any dimension you consider adequate.

  • Request, track, approve and manage leave applications of your employees. The app provides reports for any organizational level.

  • Deliver your new hire with speed, simplicity and efficiency. Integrate easily with all corporate HR systems or access rights.

  • Make your recruitment process more streamlined. Make better decisions and link recruitment process with other organization processes.


  • Improve your invoice workflow by moving it into Neula. Our app provides intelligent OCR and integration with common financial ERP systems.

  • Keep your business under control.

  • Automate your payments. Track payments with invoices and the contracts you have.

  • Keep track of your clients’ outstanding invoices.


  • Be aware of all the issues with your hardware. Manage the inventory with our ready-to-use app.

  • Have your correspondence workflow automated. Scan the incoming mail and put in the electronic form to quickly move through your organization.

  • Efficient preparation and signing of contracts. The app stores and uses the contracts templates you may have.


  • Comprehensive set of means to establish risk management discipline.

  • Being prepared has never been more easy. Our BIA allows to see the main processes and provide information about the impact of the interruption on the business.

  • Resolve your incidents more efficiently.  Store the data about the incident, calculate the risk and delegate the tasks to be made.

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  • Track your bugs with just 3 simple steps.

  • ITIL supporting app which allows you to improve your service level. It provides the workflow between different IT departments and reports that bring value to every organization level.

  • Have your service portfolio in one place. Track and inform about the status of all cases.


  • Be aware of your sales opportunities. Manage the pipeline, see the probabilities and potential.

  • Manage inquiries with efficiency. Automatically inform your clients about the status at every complain steps. The app allows to track the time and deadlines.

  • Have a grip on your support services.

  • Have everyone in one place. Track the client data with our data store.


  • Help your procurement become more productive.

  • Your suppliers’ information stored in once place. Our registry template provides with ready data stores

  • Manage your orders more efficiently.


  • Enhance compliance and reduce time spent on GDPR management. GDPR processes (e.g. customer requests and consent management) handled in a consistent way. Furthermore, Risk management, DPIA, data registers applications are available.

  • Provide support for anonymous reporting of immoral and illegal practices in a company

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